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There is a scanned copy of what looks like a MCMC document circulating on the Internet. The contents of the document looks like a request letter to all Malaysian ISP to block a list of file sharing website.

The websites on the list are:-

Here is the said copy of the document:-

W//W have no idea of the authenticity of this document whether it is legitimate or if it’s something made up by someone. It would be great if MCMC could clarify this for us whether at any time did the commission issued any memo to local ISPs instucting them to block certain websites and validate whether this document which we received is indeed genuine (or false).

The Malaysian government had promised to it’s citizens that Malaysia have no intention to censor the Internet. Recently our Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, speaking at the 1st Malaysian-ASEAN Regional Bloggers Conference repeated that promise.

Here is a quote taken form The Malaysian Insider post dated on 24th April 2011 :-

“Malaysians have to thank Tun Dr Mahathir Mohamad for this.”

“When he was the Prime Minister, and Malaysia was developing our Multimedia Super Corridor, Tun made the promise to the world that Malaysia would never censor the Internet.”

“My government is fully committed to that wisdom — we intend to keep his word,” he said in his opening address during the conference at the Intercontinental Hotel here.

The MCMC document is dated on 30th May 2011, about a month after the Prime Minister made that speech.

For your information section 263(2) and 263(1) as mentioned in the memo above refers to the Communications & Multimedia Act 1998 which states -

Section 263. General duty of licensees.

(1) A licensee shall use his best endeavour to prevent the network facilities that he owns or provides or the network service, applications service or content applications service that he provides from being used in, or in relation to, the commission of any offence under any law of Malaysia.

(2) A licensee shall, upon written request by the Commission or any other authority,assist the Commission or other authority as far as reasonably necessary in preventing the commission or attempted commission of an offence under any written law of Malaysia or otherwise in enforcing the laws of Malaysia, including, but not limited to, the protection of the public revenue and preservation of national security.

Translation – Govt has the right to tell ISPs to block which website they deemed as dangerous be it for national security or the protection of public revenue (whatever that is).

What we at W//W (Wirawan Web) want to know did MCMC told ISPs to block and censor these websites mentioned above? And if indeed MCMC is censoring these sites as to why and reasoning behind it and whether this directly clashes with the government’s promise to not censor the Internet. We believe the public has a right to know as the censorship issue has been clarified and promised many times by the Prime Minister personally. If there is some sort of censorship move in place, we would like for the ISP or MCMC to publish the list of websites so that we know what we are actually getting when subscribing to an ISP service.

These websites requested by MCMC to be blocked do not entirely host illegal copyright violating files. I know for a fact that some local independent bands uses Megaupload to share mp3s files of their latest singles and demo to their fans. They do this to cut cost on bandwidth.

What are your thoughts on this?

-updated- Testing done via P1 Wimax broadband confirmed that indeed these websites are blocked, we’re not sure for Unifi, Streamyx or other broadband users though. Do update us here at W//W.

[Update] Thanks to @prasys for pointing out this posting on Note that the posting date is 30th May 2011, the day the letter went out. It seems that Streamyx did block Megaupload, Fileserve and etc, for a short while and they unblock them after. There is an ongoing discussion of that thread. Here is the part 2 of the letter.

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Pradeesh says:

Works for UniFi , Streamyx and others. It can be easily ‘fixed’ by changing your DNS to Google DNS. Its done at DNS level only. No worries 

Pradeesh says:

Works for UniFi , Streamyx and others. It can be easily ‘fixed’ by changing your DNS to Google DNS. Its done at DNS level only. No worries 

RaviKurup says:

i need your help in setting up this Goggle DNS. Please advice and thank you.

Cerekwan says:

My Streamyx doesn’t work anymore. Bandwidth got throttled and I get interrupted message after the dl failed halfway. Fileserve doesn’t work at all. The MCMC finally did it to us! Why have Internet now?

Anonymous says:


you name it these websites have been blocked by ISP for more than a year oredi.. nothing new. 

Anonymous says:


you name it these websites have been blocked by ISP for more than a year oredi.. nothing new. 

Yeah those Porn Sites is an open secret for a while, but these are file hosting servers which until recently was open.

Yeah those Porn Sites is an open secret for a while, but these are file hosting servers which until recently was open.

linkinstreet says:

All sites are still reachable by me on TM Net

Nicholas.C says:

Use google DNS. it’s DAMN easy to remember:

Primary DNS: DNS:, how hard can that be?

J Shamsul says:

Yup.. myself I’m using OpenDNS.. 

Nicholas.C says:

Yes. I used to use OpenDNS too, but Google DNS was easier to remember when I have so many machines, and I dislike how OpenDNS redirects your failed requests, breaking the browser’s address bar search feature. 

J Shamsul says:

Yup.. myself I’m using OpenDNS.. 

Vector5 says:

For now, Streamyx can still access these sites.

Not sure what will happen.

And dude, teach me DNS? HOW? What? And wait, will it affect my speed if I change DNS?

J Shamsul says:

We will write a short post about using alternative DNS soon :)

J Shamsul says:

We will write a short post about using alternative DNS soon :)

Anonymous says:

Previously Time block fileserve and piratebay but they remove the block few hours later.

Yaya says:

Really scared if they blocked DNS request from google servers after this… After all the hype and all the tips given out to public…. Really need to find a couple more DNS server address for backup… hehehe…

Pradeesh says:

They can’t do that , if they do that , trust me , it would have a bigger impact. If you are messing with Google , its just bad. All media would start highlighting it and it would make Malaysia look bad and scare investors away 

Yaya says:

I like your idea! Go go Google! 8888 and 8844 are a blessings!

Minas Anor says:

tadak block pon. i just visited filestube

Anonymous says:

Good post.

I think while the MSC Bill of Guarantees gives us some assurance that there won’t be censorship of the internet, this demonstrates its not entirely bulletproof.

Shocking as it is, I’m fine with the government blocking certain sites, but in the interest of transparency, I’d also like the government to tell me why those sites were blocked.

J Shamsul says:

Let the file sharing website deal with the copyright violations.. Just like how youtube actively remove any copyright violations…. ISP and the Government should not get involved.. IMHO.. 

Sean says:

 It would be child’s play for MCMC to oblige those ISPs employing DNS poisoning to create a static entry for an MCMC ‘blacklist’ server that would tell you all you needed to know:
Your PC: DNS query “”
ISP’s NS: (the address of MCMC’s blacklist ‘catch’ server
Your PC: Opens port 80 on and GET / HTTP/1.1^M^JHost:^M^J^M^J
MCMC server: HTTP/1.1 302 Found^M^JLocation:^M^J^M^J

And then you get a page on MCMC’s website that tells you why the domain is blacklisted in Malaysia. See? I’ve finished the job already. That has to be worth RM14 million, at least. An old post of mine on this very topic:

Guest says:

This is the work of US government lobbying Malaysian government to censor P2p sites that are capable of hosting wikileak style information. Don’t blame Malaysia govt alone. Ini kerja Barack Hussein Obama and his new legislation/law that is to be extended all over the world.

J Shamsul says:

I was planing to write a post about the U.S. domain seizure fiasco going on over there… and then this happens,.. 

why do i get the feeling this is like replacement for streamyx quota…
but move that aside
it shouldn’t be right to block sites that offer storage
although a certain well almost use for illegal purpose but there are other way to that
why should they interrupt copyright stuff from oversea without pressure from them?
I understand if they keep track at malaysia own copyright stuff since alot of countries do that without blocking the sites directly but remove and sue

Hongaun says:

Megaupload for streamyx yesterday night still OK.

Rags says:

Fileserve speeds on Streamyx are now below 10kbps, that’s a definite sign of this shitty censoring. Previously could climb as high as the bandwidth carries. 

arm says:

for now i’m downloading animes mostly from megaupload and mediafire, seems ok with speed maxed up to 200+kb, based on my 2mbps streamyx. waiting on fileserve for a couple of minutes next.

Ise_Kuruhawa says:

i woke up today confirming my paranoia that the government is always trying to take away my rights. if they can do this i believe they have already taken away alot of my rights i never know of little by little since forever.

i think only when everything is removed from us then they will feel at ease. just like north korea.


they must be really under experienced to understand the fullest potential of the internet. so instead of cultivating a more positive society. they just treat u like ur a hopeless monkey. n monkeys dont need freedom. =)

Mr.X says:

SHIT! I can’t access megaupload and other file sharing hosts today at 4:00pm!
Lepas ni kalau torrent pun kene block, kene beli DVD balikla jawapnye! XD
Well done, Rais Yatim! Malaysia Boleh!!

Bel.Nar says:

The websites are now blocked today on TM Unifi.

Babiko95 says:

hahaha…malaysia boleh… =.=~ boleh blahhh…

Kelvinleong says:

malaysia really boleh lo…..megaupload and fileserve kena block….later i think torrent also on de way jor…..

Uma108 says:

might as well block internet…!!!!!!! Malaysia boleh….boleh belah!!!!!

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