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Yes folks we’re still alive,
it’s not that we didn’t want to update on crap it’s just that, well, life got the best of us. So unless I shack up some really rich widower or that I would actually get this arse of mine up and start begging for some startup funds, things might be a wee bit something like this. Read more

Yesterday, Apple fanboys on this side of the world all stayed up until the wee hours in the morning waiting and anticipating the announcements of what officially is knows now as ‘The new iPad’. As with all the Apple events there were no live video feeds, we the unfortunate ones who are not in the hall relies on those inside the hall for live updates. Read more

Yes I know this isn’t much of an internet news thing but seeing how hipsters is very much an Internet phenomenon, by which people who dress up fashionably to look nerdy. Anyway, it seems that Obama being seen as an eco green president, one Republicans have accused him of selling out to hipsters. Read more

This here is an advert for the news publication The Guardian, but it could be a brilliant short film. It’s a nice twist to the classic children’s fable. It’s the story of the three little pigs told by The Guardian as the stories unfolds. Read more

Felt guilty over some sins, not sure whether your next action is the right path to righteousness, or perhaps you have a confession that is less than 140 characters long? Fear not, if you’re a Catholic or merely someone who wishes to get some religious gudance from the holy seer from vatican, you can now with @Pope2YouVatican the Pope’s official twitter account. Read more

It seems that even the banking blockade, though has been hitting Wikileaks quite significantly does not falter the goal of Wikileaks and that is by publishing things that aren’t meant for publication. Wikileaks plan on releasing ‘Global Intelligence Files’ ehich are a series of intercepted email from a Texas based security consulting firm – Stratfor, known for it’s ties to big corportation such as Lockheed Martin, Northrop Grumman, Raytheon and various other government agencies such as US Department of Homeland Security, the US Marines and the US Defense Intelligence Agency. Read more

Yes ladies and gentlemen after a corny lunch with fellow W//W J Shamsul the idea came about to do a food review. Jibone had this website called Makan Byte which is now defunct, basically it’s a food blog but if you have ever seen Jibone in real life you would see that he’s not really much of an eater. So instead of doing actual food reviews like in other food blogs, this time around we’re going to do a sort anti food blog thingie, only reviewing food that techies eat and since we’re both are Engineers, being lazy bastards that we are we’re going to simply review the crap that we ate. Read more

Yes folks indeed it is true as LowYat and PaulTan Proton and YES are going hand in hand in producing a new concept of Proton cars which should be constantly connected, note that I use the word ‘should’. Read more

No this is not about Nixon’s State Secretary the man with the big glasses and monotonous voice. This is about one of those internet inventions and like many things in life, when paired with the word ‘Internet’, expect a very large dose of salt that comes with it. Read more

At first news was rife with proton giving away IPADs in their cars and now rumours have it that Proton is going to hit it up a notch by connecting their car to the internet cloud via Yes 4G, it seems that proton and YES are collaborating on having their cars constantly connected to the web. Read more

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